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The Flag of World Peace

This is The Flag of World Peace The Flag of World Peace is like no other; it represents no single Country. I am hoping that it will be embraced and Honored by all Countries/by All People.

No More Wars

People Worldwide do not want Wars. So why do we have Wars? I do not know and probably you do not know either; only Politicians in Governments know why. I have a Question for Governments that are at War: “Will you ever learn?” In America all the Coins (Money) are inscribed with the following text: “In God We Trust”. Really? Also most people believe that “We are all God’s Children”. Really? Above I stated sarcastically “Really” TWICE; the reason is as follows: (1) How can certain people in Government say In God We Trust and think nothing of Killing People? (Such as during Wars) Do Politicians believe that God wants Wars? (2) “We Are All God’s Children”… If This Is So how dare anyone Kill His Children? Common sense dictates that if God made us people, he did not do so in order for us to Kill each other…

The Human Birth and the Human Body are the most Complex and the Biggest Wonders on Earth.

The Biggest Wonders of All are the following: The Birth of Humanity and our Human Bodies. Be sure to click on the above image to see what I mean...

Education is The Key to World Peace

The way certain Governments are acting we Adults will not see World Peace, however, if Children are thought in Schools the Wonder of Birth and The Wonder of the Human Body, then and only then World Peace could be in their Horizon. To see what I wrote in this regard please click on the above image. I thank you for your time. Sincerely, Aloysius Dalli

My name is Aloysius Dalli and I am 81. I invented numerous things, however, I am most proud of this simple Invention; The Flag of World Peace. I am hoping and praying that All People will accept this Flag as "A GOOD THING FOR HUMANITY"