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The Flag Of World Peace 

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“My Dream”

I am hoping to somehow be able to afford to order from a Flag manufacturer approximately 200 Large Flags of my invention “The Flag Of World Peace” (With the Globe of Hope) and then to send one such Large Flag and One Pendant to each Head of State, (Including to Head of Countries that seem to like Wars and cause havoc) to his Holiness Pope Francis and to the United Nations in New York.

Regarding the above Image:

The Entire Flag of World Peace consists of the following:

(1) The Flag of World Peace “Globe of Hope”: “Earth”

Signifies that no matter where we live on Earth or where born we must respect and love each other for we are all Equal.

(2) The Flag of World Peace:

This Flag is Colorless/Transparent and it represents our “Skin”, meaning that when it comes to the color of our skin we need to be color blind and respect all people no matter their color for we are all Equal.

(3) The Flag of World Peace Pole

This pole is red in color and it represents the color of our Blood signifying/solidifying that we are in deed or Equal.

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Aloysius Dalli

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I created the above image using Photoshop and the hand is my real hand holding a hand held Flag of World Peace.

The above image of a young lady holding the Flag Of World Peace (Colorless and Transparent)  simply a message of Love of People